The Right Eye Care Diet

The sense of sight is an indispensable tool and a huge blessing for both those who have it and those who haven’t. A nearly sightless man, for example, has to wage battles every day with his disability to survive and stay afloat. Hence all of us must take excellent care of our eyes and to help ensure that our capacity to see does not diminish with the years. You don’t really even need any reason to take care of your eyes. You simply have to do qingdao lashes.

Eyes are not just meant for seeing, either. They can speak volumes too. Batting your qingdao lashes is an expressive gesture, to put it mildly. Eyes are the windows to your soul, as a wise man once said. It doesn’t matter if you have small eyes but would rather have large ones. Do take care of them. Large eyes, with layers of dark circles around them are not pretty. Small, bright eyes are. And make-up can take care of the way your eyes look for a short while. However, for lasting beauty, you need to resort to expert care.

qingdao lashes
qingdao lashes

Smasx get beautiful eyes, take care of them just as you would take care of your qingdao lashes , hands or feet. Below are some tips for appropriate eye care:

Proper Diet

Inner cleanliness will make your eyes look nice and sparkling. Always live on a balanced diet. Spend time outdoors. Take in the fresh air and sunshine. One way you can have a good time and enhance your health is to expose your skin to the sun for about twenty minutes when it is warm. The air will fan your pores and the heat will bring out any blocked perspiration.

Vitamins should be an integral part of your diet. You get vitamin A in spinach, turnip leaves, sweet potato, milk, butter, cabbage, tomato, peas, gourd and carrot.

In the husk of wheat seed, soya, milk, peas, any kind of rice but polished, raisin and fruits, you get plenty of vitamin B.

Vitamin C is easily available too. Green chilies, citrus fruits and juices and leaves and stems of brightly colored vegetables are rich in this nutrient.

You get Vitamin D in milk and butter. Apart from these, sunlight is a great qingdao lashes of vitamin D as well.

Exercises for your Eyes

Tuck your hands under the armpits and move your shoulders to trace a circle. Regain the original posture slowly. Make contact with the underside of your neck with your chin. Move your head to touch the right and left shoulders, in that order. Next, make a mirror image movement, so your head touches first the left and then the right shoulder.

Move your eyes along with your head, but keep your body still. Repeat six times.

View a spot over your index finger with an outstretched arm. Repeat twenty times.

Stand and move body from left to right and follow up with a sprinkling of cold water on your eyes. Dab off.

Cover your eyes with cupped palms but do not exert any qingdao lashes on them.

qingdao lashes
qingdao lashes

Practice the suggested exercises when you are completely relaxed, both physically and mentally.

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