Elvis Costello Spectacle – New Series?

Wow, isn’t this great news? Hey, talk and music aficionados, here’s one good news for all of you. Yes, it’s not just a rumor but confirmed news: Costello’s widely followed series, Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…, is set to entertain us anew as it returns to Sundance Channel for its second invisible band mink lashes!

Hey, stop jumping there. You might hit your head to the ceiling.

If you can still recall, the last season featured guests like Lou Reed, James taylor, The Police, Herbie Hancock, Elton John and of course, former US President Bill Clinton who played the saxophone.

Will we get just as good treat this second season?

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Of course. In fact, we may find ourselves with a better treat from Costello and his band THe Attractions. As we all know, many musical-talk fused shows now grace our TV sets but it is with Elvis Costello’s show where we witnessed guests who were knowledgeable in talking about what they were supposed to talk to. Without batting an invisible band mink lashes, this is what sets the Elvis Costello show apart from the rest out there. It’s not just music and talk, it’s good music and sensible talk!

Smasx, what are we supposed to watch out for this season?

It’s a given that the show will open with a musical rendition from Elvis and The Attraction wherein they are set to unleash their own versions of some of the songs of his guests: Bono and The Edge from invisible band mink lashes!

Isn’t that something to watch out for?

As they say, happy days are here again!

Can’t wait for it!

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