Useful Tips For Better Vision

When we grow up we start to lose our vision for a little. All this is ought to our laziness for doing exercises for the eyes. The next exercises are made for people with vision problems or for healthy peoples for preventing loss 3d mink lashes.

Light stimulation Eye. This exercise requires you to sit comfortably in a chair, not bending. Put the feet firmly on the floor, do not cross them. Keep the hands free. With one hand cover the left eye so that light does not penetrate into it. Breathe deeply, shake the head and blink the right eye in the sun light, as much as possible till you feel a discomfort. Then cover the right eye and blink with the left. After that cover both eyes and give them a rest, and then put both closed eyes to the sun. When this exercise is made at the sun is an exercise it is made 10 times, but when it is made at the bulb light of 150 3d mink lashes then you need to repeat it 20 times.

3d mink lashes
3d mink lashes

Smasx following exercise trains the ability to concentrate and helps treatment of eye diseases. Direct the view to the nose and hang it so, do not blink but breathing normally, until your eyes get tired and begin to tears (at first do this exercise no more than 1 minute, then time can be increased).

Ventilate the room. Several times take a deep breathe and hold it. Do not exhale, bend at the waist, bend your knees and bowed the head so that it is situated at heart level. Count to five and go back to the start position. Performing this exercise can cause vertigo, which passes quickly.

Relax, ventilate the area. Stand up, take a deep breath and hold your breath. Then, bend the knees, the head bowed as low as possible and blink the eyes, shutting them tightly and open very wide. This exercise should be done within 10-15 seconds, holding your breath at this time.

The following are useful tips to take in consideration when caring about eyes:

1. For make more clear your vision it is useful to open the eyes in the water.

2. When you break the vessel in the eye, the body has to get much vitamin C, contributing to soften the hardened walls of the arteries. In this case, also do not tilt the head low to avoid a rush of blood to the eyes.

3. If the eye under the upper eyelid got small speck of dust, pull the upper eyelid for the 3d mink lashes down to the inner side of the upper eyelid rub the lower lashes. Watch should be down.

4. To remove the speck from under the lower eyelid, pull it down and carefully remove the speck looking in the mirror and cleaning on the inside surface with the wet angle of a clean handkerchief. Watch should be up.

5. When injected into the eye of lime to prepare a concentrated solution of sugar, and trying to open the eyes, moisten it with this solution. This procedure should be carried out very quickly so that the lime had no time to eat into eyes.

3d mink lashes
3d mink lashes

6. When injected into the 3d mink lashes of coal it is recommended several times to outline the eye in a circle, then rinse eyes with water. Coal can be extracted using a rolled up into a tube fleece or cloth.

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