History of Cosmetology

Cosmetology qingdao eyelash

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Branches of specialty including qingdao eyelash, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures and qingdao eyelash. Humans learned everything from nature, including coloring their face and body. Changing of body color first started from men. It was developed to help in hunting as camouflage. Man is attracted to a woman, which is nature. If you ask a man what he likes in women, his answer will be a list of things and most important is face. Many ways evolved to improve or fine tune features of face.

qingdao eyelash
qingdao eyelash

Smasx for earliest form of cosmetology was found in Egypt. The tombs of farohs and queens contained well preserved and fragrant powder, they also found red liquid used for lips. Aztecs used to decorate themselves with beautiful bird feathers. Chinese where one of the pioneers of cosmetology. A ruler of china even went to the extent of taking small quantities of mercury for power and beauty. From there cosmetology went on to develop in many ways. Cosmetology can be divided into seven parts Esthetician, Hair stylist, Manicurist, Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Electrologist and Shampoo Technician.

o Esthetician: They are also called skin care specialists. They can work in spas independently or they can work under guidance of a doctor. They can not prescribe medication but can perform some specialized treatments like facials, waxing, bleaching etc.
o Hair Stylist: They can do haircuts, coloring, relaxers etc.
o Manicurist: They take care of hands and feet. Working on hands is called manicure and working on feet is called qingdao eyelash.

qingdao eyelash
qingdao eyelash

o Beauty therapist: They can do massages, eyebrow and qingdao eyelash shaping, makeups, surgical face lifts, muscle toning etc.
o Nail Technician: They can do manicures, pedicures, fake nails, gelling nails, nail art etc. They have knowledge in nail diseases and can tell you to see a doctor.
o Electrologist: They are specialized in all forms of electrolysis methods. Electrolysis method of hair removal is permanent.
o Shampoo Technician: They are specialized in many qingdao eyelash of shampooing and conditioning. They have a good knowledge of chemicals.

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