A Well-Tended Garden

The taste of sweet tea and the ringing of wind chimes beg me to sink into the metal porch chair deeper and take a long, cleansing breath. As I slowly inhale, the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers begins traveling to  3D mink lashes custom box my soul. This routine visit home feels different; I recognize it as my eyes begin to water.

Naturally, the six of us are here: Granny the White Hydrangea, Grandma the Campfire Rose, Mom the Begonia, Bonnie the Miniature Butterfly Bush, Reighan the Shasta Daisy, and I, sitting in our typical crescent shape. We have assumed this position for at least twenty years, Reighan most recently.

Granny the White Hydrangea

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3D mink lashes custom box

“More tea?” Granny asks. Although her tea remains the most delicious and I can feel the inches layering onto my hips from the quantity of sugar, I reluctantly say yes. Telling Granny no is not only a weakness but an insult. I find myself staring at her pale skin. Ninety-two years, young and as beautiful as ever. Her elegance reminds me of a white hydrangea. She is stunning, coming back year after year even after illness. As I take all of  3D mink lashes custom box Granny in, I notice her nails perfectly painted as always and her legs crossed in the most ladylike fashion. Our matriarch is as graceful as ever.

“Thank you for a wonderful breakfast Granny,” I say. “It’s always a treat to have your biscuits and gravy.” Even if from a can, I think to myself. Although she tried so hard to shield the evidence with her frail frame, we all knew biscuits from scratch were a thing of the past.

Grandma the Campfire Rose

I hear the sweet humming of the conversations melting together. Hours have passed. Then Grandma asks, “Who is ready for dessert? I made cheesecake.” Again, who can say no? Grandma, such a life of servitude. Rugged like a campfire rose. The 3D mink lashes custom box skin and deep lines on her face reveal her lack of attention to herself. There is no glitz or glamour. In fact, I don’t know if I have ever seen Grandma in make-up. So beautiful are the pictures of when my mother was a child. This gorgeous woman by her side, Grandma. The wrinkles came so quick, her weathered face and hands. A story in every groove. She is old fashion comfort, resistant to the pests of life. Those who have wronged her, she only loves and forgives more. She walks back outside with cheesecake and two cups of coffee. She is my kindred coffee 3D mink lashes custom box drinker.

Mom the Begonia

As I begin remembering summers with Grandma I hear mom interrupt, “Michelle, need another piece?” Clearly, playful sarcasm exist in her voice. I look down to find a cleaned off plate. As I have said, saying no to Grandma or Granny doesn’t really happen. “Thanks Mom,” I mumble under my breath as I give her a slight roll of the eyes. I have overindulged yet again, but Mom didn’t have to remind me. Complex, complicated, Mom is none other than a begonia:

1. Needs lots of light
2. Hates frost
3. Needs rich, loose soil
4. Let fully dry before watering
5. Fertilize often
6. Remove dead flowers
7.  Smasx Not a long life span.

The last one hits me hard. Granny is 92, Grandma 72. Will mom make it that far? I desperately need her to. Life has been hard for her, or is it that she has been hard on life?

I sit there eating my hamburger patty and macaroni and cheese. Bonnie is by my side. We are four and two. Mom has an empty plate in front of her. The feeling of fullness comes over me, Bonnie is soon to follow. It is only then that mom scrapes the leftovers from our plates to hers. Now… she will have dinner. Traveling through the years, I now smell gasoline. I look out the kitchen window towards the street and see Mom syphoning gas from a broken down car. She then pours it into a gas can which makes it way to her car in the driveway. She is off to work.

Moments like these would leave most people complicated. A little care for herself or by others would have gone so far, lusher foliage and more blooms. But, I know mom will take her less extravagant presence in return for the fullness raising two daughters has brought. Giving her grandchildren is one of my most special moments in life. She was born for her role as Nanna.

Bonnie the Miniature Butterfly Bush

“I’ll take another piece,” proclaims Bonnie. Of course you would, if I was five foot tall and one hundred pounds soaking wet so would I. Fortunately the words don’t come out. Such sarcasm would only make me disappointed in myself. Frankly, there is no room to criticize this beautiful reflection of Grandma. Like a miniature butterfly bush, she tackles life with a no-nonsense performance. Bonnie is a saint with a cattle prod. She will put anyone in their place but with love. Delightful to the senses, enchanting, never burdensome, just like a butterfly bush. She honors her husband with her discreetness and supporting nature. Perfectly petite sister, she is my wine-loving, God-fearing best friend.

Reighan the Shasta Daisy

By now, Reighan has made her way into my arms. Her 3D mink lashes custom box softly flutter like the wings of a butterfly. She slowly fades into a sweet slumber. “Guess all this talking was too boring for 3D mink lashes custom box to take,” suggest Mom. “Enjoy those moments; they will be over before you know it.” Hot Mess Reighan, as she calls herself. My little shasta daisy, pale white skin, bright yellow hair, so small yet such an impact she has on all of us. I run my fingers through her soft hair as her body goes completely limp. “I wish I could build a shield to protect her from the darkness in the world. I am so envious of her innocence. So perfectly 3D mink lashes custom box,” I express to the women who surround me. As we all stare at this lovely angel on earth I say a quiet prayer. Lord, please bless her with the grace of Granny, serving heart of Grandma, perseverance of Mom and the nurturing nature of her Aunt.

3D mink lashes custom box
3D mink lashes custom box

It doesn’t take long and I can see Granny is slowly following 3D mink lashes custom box lead. She quietly dismisses herself and goes to lie in bed. My tears begin to build up again. This was it, the different feeling I spoke of. Soon, I know there will be only the five of us. How do I prepare for this? And then I remember the spirit of each of these women is already in my soul. I have them with me wherever I go.

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