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Qingdao Smasx Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest mink lash vendors and eyelash manufacturer company in Qingdao,China. is a beautiful port city, that has Strategic location, sea, land and air transportation is very convenient.

hair and lash vendors

hair and lash vendors

Our company specialized in manufacturing mink lashes and related products. our main products are eyelash extensions,25mm mink lashes, strip eyelash, 3D strip eyelash, eyelash glue, tweezers, eye patches and all kinds of accessories.

good lash vendors

good lash vendors

We are open to all means of OEM, ODM and custom eyelash boxes ,We can design style of eyelash and custom eyelash packaging according to your request.

good eyelash vendors

good eyelash vendors

For eyelashes, we have our own factories which are located in Qingdao, the biggest lash vendors production area in China, which are producing products for many top eyelash vendors in the world, the products sell well in Europe, the United States, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions.

custom eyelash boxes manufacturer

custom eyelash boxes manufacturer

Various products, Stable quality, reasonable price, On-time service are the points in our business.

empty eyelash packaging

empty eyelash packaging

If you are not satisfied with your Suitable Mink Lashes and  Eyelashes, but want to have thick, long eyelashes, you will need the false eyelashes. You need to know the trick to choosing false eyelashes. If the false eyelashes you choose don’t suit you, they won’t beautify your eyes.After all, how to choose a suitable for your eyelashes? Let’s talk about the classification of eyelashes.

eyelash boxes packaging

                                                                                                              eyelash boxes packaging

First, there are two categories according to the process.

wholesale lashes suppliers usa
wholesale lashes suppliers usa

The first category is handmade Mink Eyelashes.

The eyelashes from the selection of raw materials to the finished products are all manually completed by workers. Just like our eyelashes are all handmade eyelashes.And our lashes made by hand are vivid and high-end. Real 3D design, has perfect natural layered and curl, effect for different makeup. More over, it makes you so vivid, glamorous, and attractive.

lash vendors mink

                                                                                                                     lash vendors mink

The second category is machine – pressed eyelashes.

This kind of eyelashes are made by machine, and they are of poor workmanship. And it seems very stiff, not realistic, the sense of hierarchy is not good.

lash vendors usa
lash vendors usa

Second, there are six categories according to materials.

mink eyelash vendors usa
mink eyelash vendors usa

mink hair

Mink hair is our featured product. Our 3D made mink lashes are fluffy, lightweight, shiny and soft. You will look like a doll or an alluring women depends on your personality by wearing these mink lashes.

mink eyelashes in bulk
mink eyelashes in bulk

human hair

This kind of eyelash is made of human hair. Although it is more natural to wear, it is not as comfortable and rich in layers as mink eyelashes.

siberian mink lashes wholesale
siberian mink lashes wholesale


The horsehair eyelashes are a little bit stiff.

wholesale vendors for mink lashes
wholesale vendors for mink lashes

fiber hair

paper lashes

This eyelash is similar to paper-cut technology, can only be used for viewing.

eyelash packaging supplies
eyelash packaging supplies

artificial furs

Artificial eyelashes are a mixture of animal hair and fiber. Of cause, the animal hair, shedding from the animal’s natural falling hair and santized. We will never hurt the animals.

unique eyelash packaging
unique eyelash packaging

Third, they can be roughly divided into three types according to their length:

3d mink lashes
3d mink lashes

13-18mm Suitable Mink Lashes

custom eyelash packaging boxes
custom eyelash packaging boxes

You will look natural with wearing 13-18mm eyelashes. And they are mainly suitable for office situations.

20mm mink lashes

25mm mink lashes

The lashes with 25mm, they are long, you can trim the length according to your needs. They are unique and dramatic, and they are a great way to show off your personality. They mainly ideal for occasions like party, special occasion, performance and night out.

The shape of your eyes determines what kind of false eyelashes will suit you.

  1. Short round eyes: plump and exaggerated eyelashes.

This eyelash is short at the front and long at the back, with a noticeable elongating effect. This eye makeup usually has thick eyelashes, so just use a glossy eye shadow on your daily makeup to brighten it up and make it look fresher. To go to a party in the evening, just add some pearl eye shadow in the center of your eyes for a bit of sparkle.


  1. Slender eyes: Barbie doll eyelashes.

Barbie doll eyelashes are mostly long in the middle and short on both sides, so they are more suitable for those who want to round their slender eyes.

  1. Drooping eyes: long and delicate Suitable mink lashes .

Although drooping eyes can give people a feeling of stupidity, excessive drooping will appear listless. For drooping eyes, the length of false eyelashes should be used to adjust the sagging degree, which makes them rise visually. Here, the long and delicate eyelashes are more suitable than the thick ones, and the eye shape should be simplified.

Now, our company product a new kind of fluffy messy lashes. Many girls are very love them as soon as they were on the market.

1st What are messy lashes?

Messy Mink Lashes are a kind of lashes with more exaggerated 3 D effect and more messy hair. This kind of fluffy messy lashes is very suitable for smoking make-up.

It can make you look more sexy, charming and beautiful. And, this kind of messy lashes are very rich in layers, unlike the regular mink lashes.

2nd The classification of messy mink lashes

There are three main types of fluffy messy lashes by length, but the best seller is the 25 mm messy lashes.

First, 13-18 mm fluffy messy lashes.

Due to the characteristics of messy lashes itself, this length can not show the unique beauty of messy hair, and the wearing effect is not very good.

Second, 20 mm messy mink lashes.

Although the length is a little longer than that of the first type. It is not particularly ideal for the characteristics of messy hair curling and wearing effect.

Third, 25 mm fluffy messy lashes.

This kind of lashes are our main style, and its sales are very good. And this kind of messy lashes can show the unique wearing effect of messy eyelashes, and the layering feeling is better.

Do you have a strong desire to buy?

Just do it!  Messy Lashes

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3rd Why do more and more people like fluffy messy lashes?

First, the style is new and original.

Because the previous styles are all regular types, people’s aesthetic may be tired. Now, the perception has changed, and these messy mink lashes can actually give people a brighter look.

The world is moving forward, people’s vision has changed, and they began to pursue different fashions.

Second, previous eyelash manufacturers did not produce messy mink lashes.

In the past, manufacturers would think that these fluffy messy lashes are the production of substandard products, and very unattractive.

This kind of messy lashes are eliminated directly in the process of quality inspection and won’t circulate on the market at all.

Third, keep up with the front-end market to meet the needs of consumers.

Because our factory is set design, research and development and production in one. We can capture the needs of the most front-end market consumers with the most keen perspective. The professional design team designs the eyelash styles that people love, and gives them to our own skilled and professional workers for production.

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4th Why choose our messy lashes?

First, the sense of hierarchy is more abundant, and the 3 D effect is more realistic.

Wear our messy eyelashes to make you more beautiful and sexy.

Second, the amount of materials used is relatively more.

Compared with other regular messy lashes, messy mink lashes use more materials, and the weight is relatively heavier. Of course, the weight of messy lashes is not too heavy, but our eyes can feel the extra weight.

Because our eyes are very sensitive, wearing these messy mink lashes for a long time can also cause eye strain. And, this kind of messy lashes modelling and craft are more complex, ironing craft is higher.

5th How to choose a good vendor ?

First, you should choose a high quality, safe and reliable supplier of messy eyelashes.

This is very important, it is directly related to the quality of your business.

Second, product quality

First of all, the messy lashes band should be soft.

Then, the 3 D effect is better, messy mink lashes should look very realistic.

What’s more, the tip of fluffy messy lashes must be sharp, and the messy lashes that are not sharp are not the reason for selecting bad raw materials, but are damaged by workers in the process of operation.

Finally, whether the eyelash glue used is colorless, tasteless, non irritating, healthy and green, and suitable for allergic people and pregnant women.

Third, the price of messy mink lashes

Because the production process of messy lashes is more complex, the price is relatively expensive than regular mink lashes. But our company is in the promotion stage, the price is very favorable.

The price of messy mink lashes is the same as regular mink lashes, ranging from $2 to $5 depending on the quantity of your order.

Fourth, the best service

No matter you encounter any problems in the process of sales, production and transportation, you can consult us. We are very willing to help you and provide you with professional and considerate services.


If you want to open the market quickly, our professional advice to you:

1.To choose high-end messy eyelashes

  1. Our hot style messy eyelashes are market-tested styles
  2. We can provide you with customized eyelash service


And if you want to get more information about fluffy messy lashes, you can add whats app: 008618661816269 to get skills tips.

Whether you buy our products or not, we would like to share with you the information about messy lashe